weight given

to: genpop

from: mytelephasicworkshop

date: theidesofmay

re: weightgiven

is it thought of an individual? who got lost?

I mean, Descartes told me that I’m a thinking thing that thinks.  Where does the line get drawn between rhetoric, thought, and programming?  I think therefore I am.  JAI PENTZ DONK JAI SWEE.  The awareness of thought is true and it lets me know that AI exist.

But what if they aren’t my thoughts.  Beyond rhetoric, beyond programming as instinct.  What if we’re just deep thought.  Lost thought.  What if every thing is just God’s daydream?  What if we’re made in God’s imagination and not in God’s image.

where God = that from which all thought derives?

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One Comment on “weight given”

  1. uniqhero Says:

    “Let us suppose that one of us has suddenly been created and is perfect. But he is blindfolded and cannot see external things. He has been created gliding through the air, or, better, in the void, so that he might not suffer the shock of air resistance. His limbs are separated, they neither meet nor touch. He mediates and wonders if his existence is proved. Without any doubt, he would state that he existed; despite the fact that this does not prove the existences of either his hands or his feet, or his insides, or his heart, or brain, or any other external thing, he would say he existed, without establishing whether he had a length, a breadth, or a depth…”


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