just walkin’ around berlin

so, just saw this tweet scroll up on my newsfeed

upon checking out the image here btw, i decided that @remixmanifesto’s question was entirely valid. wtf is going on here, did the google car just actually drive by and capture a miracle happening? A woman giving birth on the side of the road. There might as well have been a halo around the kid’s head the way the man was holding up the little bebé.


@stevathon posted this link in reply in which techcrunch reported the picture as a hoax. However, i got curious.

First, the argument about the nearness of the hospital? pssshh. She might have been a pedestrian.

Second, the whole article centers on the claim that the house is on No. 37 Hubertusallee, Berlin. I think the house is actually located on Bismarckallee. The reason for this is based solely on the way the orange dude is pointing in the minimap. I think the guy would be pointing more horizontally if on Hubertusallee. On Bismarckallee the angle looks more similar.

Anyway, i put my gumshoes on, clicked into Google Streetview and walked around this fine, arboreal, gated area in Berlin. During my stroll up Bismarckallee I come across this:

While this certainly doesn’t prove authenticity, it definitely points toward it. Review, the image is under review. I think it’s real. Google caught a woman giving birth. wtf.

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