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Terminal of Words

April 13, 2013

ive been poisoning myself

first i drank life
cut from the same cord as my brothers
i learned to understand we kill trees
but they can live forever

even after i awoke
i thought
life is a deadly potion, a binary motion
(life is one and death is zero)
i believed that there were heroes
and that i could be a hero

but now i drink the poison
i’m addicted

to live and to die

i drink the laughter
i drink the music

i’ve been consumed by nature
and how else could i be

let slip the dogs of war!
cerebus waits for me.

the trees!
oh! i cry sometimes
(and sometimes in a fit of rage)
my fists bleeding of course
i tried to make my mark
but the bark is coarse and i am human

now it’s time to mention antidote.
there is none.


they can love forever
and i can only dream


July 6, 2011

can you hear me?

#brutalism #brutalismo #postage paid

urgently preserving in exile details that might disappear if unremarked

May 16, 2010

“I’ll tell you one time and that’s not two times.” – Billy the Claw

he had only one hand and that’s not two hands

and so i say: culture is communication

May 1, 2010

Generally, privately, I write.

And so future reader, we meet for the first time.