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April 17, 2013

she fed me a tangerine at the bus stop in the morning
we stuck together until the distance watched us
from the day I drove down the shore road
out past corbett’s cove and the fog clouded the sea
I stared blankly at the perishing memory of citric love.


bot chek 1,2 12 (an open electronic mail to apply.barbelith)

July 28, 2011

mostly i just wanted to make a post on this thread

i think it would have gone something like:

start of document_______________________________________

i was just looking for the exact same thing but couldn’t remember the phrase videophony. so i had to flip thru the damn book and now i tossed it into google and now,



here i sit at the doorstep of a Jan09 thread.

yo mistoffelees! we got the same edition.

_______________________________________end of document

i guess i’d like to offer an application now that i’m here

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