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i’m mad as hell

July 25, 2011

when users of google+ get banned for being anonymous and companies-for-hire start recording your social media presence for potential employers  we are subject to oppression? coercion? in any event, i think there could be negative effects on freedom of expression.

if you provide a platform freely you should provide a platform freely. honestly. i believe that terms of service that force you to use your name on the net really do not accord with the norms of the electronic ecosystem. there are internet community standards of commercial morality and these standards welcome anons. this sort of policy undercuts the net’s value and in effect censors what people share.

i don’t know, i think this whole cloud buzz might just be a way to centralize information and shadow the end to end structure of the net. the structure of the net is its biggest advantage. when you screw around with the little nodes and make em one big node all you reflect is contingency, it might as well be an andy warhol screen print of a node. contingent mush!!

think about the particular value in a network and then decide if i’m way out in left field or not.

and i don’t think accountability is a true problem, although cyber-bullying is a real hazard.  i would like to see moderators and effective complaint system before a categorical rule is enforced. further if pseudonyms do something actually illegal the isps give ’em up.  i would expect an isp to give up a name even without evidence of illegality.

people need some anonymous culture votes but they aren’t gonna get em under the google+ name policy. SamuelClemens+ can’t be +1-ing his google searches, linking social media to his blog, writing without pre-judgment or living without (blog)post-judgment. the “point” of social media is different depending on what side you are on. google wants to exchange a product with your information. they want to control it. the user wants to benefit from the other users, not from google itself. get me on diaspora…i’m disappointed over here.


post script: to the internet and social media scroungers of my potentially future inchoate employers, clients, friends. ye who read this! i accept the fact that this is a certain and polarizing statement. you may not agree. when you meet me, i may not agree with the above-anymore-aNYway. this is merely a part of my online aggregate. these words don’t evolve over time. i do.


just walkin’ around berlin

December 7, 2010

so, just saw this tweet scroll up on my newsfeed

upon checking out the image here btw, i decided that @remixmanifesto’s question was entirely valid. wtf is going on here, did the google car just actually drive by and capture a miracle happening? A woman giving birth on the side of the road. There might as well have been a halo around the kid’s head the way the man was holding up the little bebé.


@stevathon posted this link in reply in which techcrunch reported the picture as a hoax. However, i got curious.

First, the argument about the nearness of the hospital? pssshh. She might have been a pedestrian.

Second, the whole article centers on the claim that the house is on No. 37 Hubertusallee, Berlin. I think the house is actually located on Bismarckallee. The reason for this is based solely on the way the orange dude is pointing in the minimap. I think the guy would be pointing more horizontally if on Hubertusallee. On Bismarckallee the angle looks more similar.

Anyway, i put my gumshoes on, clicked into Google Streetview and walked around this fine, arboreal, gated area in Berlin. During my stroll up Bismarckallee I come across this:

While this certainly doesn’t prove authenticity, it definitely points toward it. Review, the image is under review. I think it’s real. Google caught a woman giving birth. wtf.