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February 28, 2014

When you push past death

You search for the motif that blocked your creation


To feel like a trope

But the ash outs

You slide shot

Slot the keys in the moment

Made to stray

Picked from the air

Close to the quay

A scar dragged down my typed face

Coz sometimes the words

Slide like momentum

Signed tremendous a cyst once

Signed my nightmares with a kiss

Stayed up till seven with the devil

To write you an eponymous lullaby

The way I move the girls go wild

A look, a touch, a move

Down by belle’s cove

I met jove disguised as a trapped buck

The five points, one, two….fuck

Teresias spoke my life

But I lived it

Fated to find my love in my ashes

To give it breath death

Waking life’s flashes


Terminal of Words

April 13, 2013

ive been poisoning myself

first i drank life
cut from the same cord as my brothers
i learned to understand we kill trees
but they can live forever

even after i awoke
i thought
life is a deadly potion, a binary motion
(life is one and death is zero)
i believed that there were heroes
and that i could be a hero

but now i drink the poison
i’m addicted

to live and to die

i drink the laughter
i drink the music

i’ve been consumed by nature
and how else could i be

let slip the dogs of war!
cerebus waits for me.

the trees!
oh! i cry sometimes
(and sometimes in a fit of rage)
my fists bleeding of course
i tried to make my mark
but the bark is coarse and i am human

now it’s time to mention antidote.
there is none.


they can love forever
and i can only dream


January 18, 2012

“who is the first person to “find” something anyway? are YOU the person that made it viral or was it one of your rebloggers. can you really ever be sure?”

and ye,
you are called globe
and contingency by thy name
all in all
as water

lest ye cry
under the weight
of verse and form

form less verses than narrative

formless verses
then, narrative

piercing futures
chosen objects

and when i lost it

i lost it